• Project 1:
    Liquid phase electron microscopy of bacterial macromolecular complexes in action

Project Leaders: Dwayne Miller, Eike Schulz and Martin Aepfelbacher

  • Project 2:
    Role of prion protein membrane-anchoring in transmission and spreading of prion disease

Project Leaders: Markus Glatzel, Dmitri Svergun

  • Project 3:
    Structural enzymology at high spatial and temporal resolution to fight antibiotic resistance

Project Leaders: Holger Rohde, Christian Betzel, Markus Perbandt, Florian Maurer, Matthias Wilmanns,
Arwen Pearson and Martin Aepfelbacher

  • Project 4:
    Bio-Nano-Opto-Electronics: Analyzing T cell activation using integrated electro-optical metamaterials

Project Leaders: Andreas Guse and Robert Blick

  • Project 5:
    Structural approaches to develop new therapeutic strategies against clinically relevant human polyomaviruses

Project Leaders: Arwen Pearson, Eike Schulz and Nicole Fischer

  • Project 6:
    The mechanism of protein secretion in pathogenic slow and fast growing mycobacteria

Project Leaders: Matthias Wilmanns, Annabel Parret and Florian Maurer

  • Project 7:
    In vivo crystallization of proteins mediating virulence and/or antibiotic resistance in infectious diseases